From The Needle Of: Anne
Customer Creations
I don't want to specialize in this area, but here are a few business logos
designed from customers images.
For Sandy's sister's company
For the man who works on my car.
For Sandra
Georgina requested a simple heirloom Logo,
used my heart design from
EveryDay's SweetHearts
set, for her pet outfits.
She made the outfit on the right from my
Girlfriends Diva set.
You can visit her site at: or
  Scrubs for my dentists hubby
Most recent customer projects
KeepSakes Pillow2
Freya's beautiful Keepsake pillow was sewn in soft colors with additional buttonwork
and beading for the little flower centers. Her own choosen text is just beautiful!

Inspirations3 and MiniBlossoms Designs
Jan's Inspirational pillow is absolutely outstanding with her additional pin tucking and
beaded laced edging.
The free standing lace just pops out beautifully from Freya's KeepSake pillow, she
used a soft gray as her highlight color.
Barbara's dresser scarf is simply amazing with her colored laces. She choose the  
LaceyLace single doily and added the lovely heart design from Mini Blossoms 5x7.
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