From The Needle Of: Anne
Customer Creations
I don't want to specialize in this area, but here are a few business logos
designed from customers images.
For Sandy's sister's company
For the man who works on my car.
For Sandra
Georgina requested a simple heirloom Logo,
used my heart design from
EveryDay's SweetHearts
set, for her pet outfits.
She made the outfit on the right from my
Girlfriends Diva set.
You can visit her site at: or
  Scrubs for my dentists hubby
Most recent customer projects
Mary used my TattedDoily 4x4 Lace to make this
beautiful flower bowl.
I asked her how she achieved the ruffling with my flat
lace and here is what she told me:

"just like the old ruffle doilies, one part is pulled up
with the fingers while another part is pulled down. I
shaped it on an upside down empty pot and let it dry."

"don't rinse all the solvy out of it, just to where it is
gone, it needs the rest to hold shape."
Beautiful Projects made by Gisele. An apron with your beautiful eyelet lace.
Than I have 3 napkin bags, with monograms out of my software.
The following is a set of duvet covers plus pillow cases. The covers where 3 separate sheets that I joined
with your nice lace and you won't be able to tell neither from the outside nor inside so well it came together.
Next are your coasters, I just added a little wreath of roses that I digitized myself.The last pics are again
napkin bags, as I told you already: I love your designs.
Gisela in Canada
Below: Beautiful Doily Projects by Theresa.
Theresa has made a simplier version of the Christmas Red Doily2 sewing only the center poinsettia and
leaving her panels plain.
Her LittleDandelion Sweetheart 4x4 looks absolutely delicious sewn in chocolate !
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