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Multi-Format Designs (Hus, Jef, Pes, Sew, Vip and VP3 format)
4x4 Measurements
From The Needle Of: Anne
Forever Lavender
Forever Lavender Alphabets

Please note: There are two sets on this page, the
uppercase and lowercase alphabets are sold

The uppercase is a sweet alphabet designed in a
free-standing appliqué method. There may be
multiple ways of finishing these designs, which
are mentioned in the included PDF so be sure to
browse through that.

Embroidery designs are 4x4 hoop size.

Uppercase letters measuring 75.1 x 91.1 mm.  
The lowercase letters based on the letter b -
measure approx. 29.5 x 55.5 mm.

Pictured: Fridge magnet
Look for more great project ideas below!!!
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Multi-Format Designs (Hus, Jef, Pes, Sew, Vip and VP3 format)
4x4 Measurements
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Apron projects
A special Thank you to Carole for testing assistance with this alphabet,
she has made this beautiful feminine apron and you can see more of her
clever ideas in the PDF with the uppercase set.
Pictured Below are some of the ways I choose to use these designs.
Look at the apron projects below and then imagine the stamped letter
used for a child's travel pillowcase....  
Use the uppercase and lowercase letters for their name.
example: child's name.. going to grandma's
or sayings such as Sweet Dreams, Sleepy Head or Good Night.

Towel projects: This is a great way to place designs on those patterned
kitchen towels,... since you'll be using your own fabrics, most likely a
plain colored fabric, it will cover the pattern in the towel so your
embroidery design will be the highlight of the project. Have lots of fun
creating your own projects!
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