From the Needle Of: Anne  copyright  2007-2011
From The Needle Of: Anne
I purchased this little girls outfit for my
granddaughter for Easter. I used designs from
HE, HE2, HE borders
Hats purchased at dollar tree, USA. I removed
their plain ribbon and added my own,
stitching it on organza ribbon.
This is a very large doily I made, also
bordering the design with HE borders and
laces from LL1.
Doily measures 27/28 inches sq
Bordered with HE Borders and LL1.
Here I have sewn the HE in navy blue. You can
really see the color just pop out.
Bordering with HE borders.
Here I have sewn the HE in white.
Bordering with HE borders.
Hat uses He and doily uses He2 and He borders
PolishedPosies Paisleys and HE Borders
Heirloom Eyelet Projects
You can stitch these designs in any colors you like for different variety and project needs.