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General Info & Terms:
Orders are now available by Instant Download through BMT. (effective 4-15-10)

Page Updates:
Many sets now include individual formats.
If the individual format button is not available on a set page, please use its drop down button
on the order form. If you make an error during the ordering process,  or experience any
problems, please let me know and I will be happy to assist you..
All Purchases are final. No refunds, with the exception: Duplicate Order.

File Replacements:
As a courtesy, there is no charge for a file replacement!
Contact me so I can reissue your download or send it direct, include order
number if possible and format.

When you receive your order, please unzip it, inspect it, and back up your
purchases. Review the PDF instructions before beginning

Copyright applies on all designs including samples and images.
They may not be shared, sold, given away or put on any other site.
Feel free to link back to this site for samples.
You may sell the finished items made, but not the designs.

Samples are offered for you to test before making your purchase.
They are a gift and are for testing purposes.
You should always try a sample with your threads and supplies.
I have Relocated!  Effective 2-14-11
Check or Money Order Customers:
please send an email for current info. Thanks!
Contact info:
636 697 4850 cell  USA
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