• Blocks.  Designed for pillowtops
    or quilt blocks.
  • 4x4 block sets: this is one
    example only.
  • designed  to form @ 7 3/4 inch
  • rehooping will be required.
  • The sets will also have a variety
    of their own  borders. I only used
    the corners for my pieces, for
    better rehooping accuracy. see
    pic below.
  • measurements will be provided
    on each page set for you to
    review. I have also prepared
    larger combos which fit my Jef
    hoopsize. Those may or may not
    work for you. If you have a very
    large hoop and can get a whole
    block in a big hoop, stabelize
    well and go for it, if not,
    rehooping will be required, just
    take your time for a wonderful

More experienced quilters can enjoy preparing
great quilting layouts.

You can also prepare  blocks in a diamond in your
quilt or runner.

Mix and match large blocks for Quilted table
PP and PP2 would make beautiful patterns  to
finish framing the final quilt border edges or for
large bed pillowcase border edges. Play with
those to see what you can come up with as
these 2 sets are not sized for the actual large
block as frames.
Alternatively, the smaller block sets
can be used as fillers in between
these larger blocks.

The 2 blockmaker sets set will have
measurements in the  pdf,  so you will know how to
prepare your projects, to have the same sizing as
the larger blocks and be able to use the block
series block border pieces for extra quilt blocks..
Polished Posies Block Series and General Info/Ideas
Each large block (1-8) can be used alone, for a quilt block, table runner, or pillow project, and they are also sized
to match other large ones in the series. The block maker sets are also planned to coordinate in sizing.

I have chosen a 2 tone beige and pink theme throughout all my sets, but you can choose any colors you like. The
sets provide for multiple color combinations.  As an example, you can have a large pink flower color combination
and a yellow little bud theme, you don't have to follow my color choice.

More experienced quilters will be able to make some wonderful keepsakes, combining blocks and block sets, and
adding quilting pattern variations.
I hope you'll enjoy sets these for all your creative ideas!
In progress pics:
Above: 1 block example. Corners added to extended it's overall size.

Below: Close up of seed beading. I added it to the smaller portions of the design, the
set looks wonderful w/o it, it was just something I wanted to do for extra detail and
Seed beading is time consuming, below are some other suggestions, look in your
craft box for some goodies, special family buttons, charms, etc. See what matches
your colors.
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